Our traditional Kuchi pendant G2 is great for DIY tribal bellydance costuming projects and for adding a unique focal piece for your one of a kind jewelry creation. Great on tribal coin bras, belts, headbands and so much more!

More About Our Kuchi Pendant G2

Traditional Kuchi pendant in a silver tone with indigo blue center accent and dark red rhinestones. Loop on top allows you to easily add this piece to your jewelry or costume creations. Hammered leaf pieces accent movement with their melodic tone.

Pairs beautifully with our other one-of-a-kind traditional belts, anklets, bracelets, earrings, head pieces, and necklaces.

7 1/2″ tall by 2 1/8″ wide.

Authentic traditional Kuchi pendant.


Project Ideas Using Kuchi Pendant G2

Here are some tips and tricks to help inspire your creative muse:

With Tribal Coin Bras

Use these authentic tribal pendants as the focal accents on your DIY tribal coin bras. When added to the center of a tribal bra, the pendant’s falls create a delicate sound with movement. The long falls make great accents to bellyrolls and flutters and can be draped and pinned or sewn to the bottom of a bra. You may also want to check out our DIY Tribal Coin Bra Kit and our assortment of coins when gathering the supplies for your project.

With Tribal Bellydance Belts

Whether you are building your own tribal belly dance belt from the base up or are just looking to spice up any existing belt you may already have, these Kuchi pendants are fabulous.  Dancers enjoy their melodic sound created with each shimmy and twist.

Add one pendant to your belt as a center piece. Use necklace chain for a slightly more minimal and clean lined look. Use 3-4 pendants on your belt with falls with other accents. Tassels, Afghani studded buttons, coins or any of our other great embellishments make great belt accents, too.

When looking for a fully loaded Kuchi pendant belt, you may want to see if we have any pre-made jeweled belts that suit your needs.  Those are sometimes less expensive then buying all the pendants separately and creating your own from scratch. You also may want to check out our tribal textile belts, as they make great bases for these Kuchi pendants.

With Tribal Headbands

These great tribal pendants are also ideal when creating your own tribal headbands. Use 2 similar styled pendants on each end of a cloth headband that is accented with embellishments. Another great option for paired headband accents is to use any of our traditional Kuchi earring pairs. You may also like to take any of our traditional textile belts and cut them in half to use as the base for 2 headbands. They are stunning when pinned to turbans and head wraps made out our bandhini wraps.


Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 2.5 x 1 in


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