Tribe Nawaar Dance Company, Boulder, CO

Tribe Nawaar is Boulder’s premier tribal belly dance company, specializing in American Tribal Style® Bellydance. Our director believes the strength of this troupe is each member’s dedication to technique & professionalism and thru cultivating joy, support & community among it’s members. Each member of our dance company has had to work diligently to gain the technique & professionalism to allow them to pass the audition and become an official member of either our professional or student troupe. We are very proud of each of our members and celebrate the unique gifts they bring to our company. Let’s meet the members…


Tribe Nawaar Dance Company’s Professional & Student Members

Jennifer Secrist Goran ~ Tribe Nawaar Dance Company Boulder, COJennifer Secrist Goran
2002- Current

Jennifer began her tribal bellydance training in San Francisco in 1989 with well known American Tribal Style founder, instructor and performer Carolena Nericcio, director of FatChanceBellyDance®. Jennifer was immediately impressed by the presence and poise of the instructor and by the powerful, organic feel of the dance. Occasionally, Jennifer tried her hand (or hip, as it were) with other talented belly dance instructors specializing in Raqs Sharqi, but, she knew her first love was with the form and aesthetic of American Tribal Style®. To this day she remains a loyal student of Carolena’s and still enjoys studying with her when in the Bay Area.

In 2001 Jennifer moved to Florida with her family and established Tallahassee’s first ATS® belly dance program thru InStep Studio.

After moving to Boulder in 2005 she joined Desert Rain, Colorado’s very first tribal belly dance troupe, and enjoyed the dancing and camaraderie of these talented ladies. In June 2007, Jennifer, her Desert Rain troupemates, Lisa Goodrich & Anita Kear, along with former TribalTique founders Molly McClellan (current director of Vespertina) & Julia DiVerdi (current director of Sumatra), traveled to San Francisco to complete their GS Certification in ATS® with Carolena Nericcio. They were among some of the first dancers in Colorado to have been honored with this certification.

After 4 years of simultaneously performing professionally with Desert Rain and overseeing and occasionally performing with her own student troupes, she decided to take a break from Desert Rain and devote herself full time to Tribe Nawaar. Lisa Goodrich continues to direct Desert Rain and offers her own series of classes in Boulder. Jennifer & Lisa both still have a great time dancing with each other and can be seen eating cheesy pizza together and guest appearing with each other’s troupes from time to time. Jennifer currently directs and works full time for Tribe Nawaar.

Rosie Moceri ~ Tribe Nawaar Dance Company Boulder, CORosie Moceri
Assistant Director
2008- Current

Rosie has always been obsessed with dance and would attend any and every school dance as a young girl growing up outside the Detroit area. She tried a variety of dance activities before getting involved with middle eastern dance in 1994 thru Pennsic War events. Rosie was her tribe’s official belly dancer for several years. During that time she learned everything she could thru Pennsic dance and drum classes and performed at every opportunity. Around 1996 Rosie found she also had a talent and passion for Lindy Hop Swing Dance. She was inspired by the by the more earthy Harlem style taught by Frankie Manning, Rosie and her dance partner taught and performed a form of swing that they considered more ‘bar room’ than ‘ballroom’. She also considers salsa, tango and ‘booty dance’ as part of her stronger assets.

Fast forward to 2004, Rosie moves to Boulder to attend Naropa University. After graduating and settling in to her new school free Boulder life she decides to look up one of her first dance loves.. belly dance. After researching more into the tribal forms, Rosie discovered Jennifer’s classes and she is quickly hooked. Her keen sense of poise, technique, musicality, improvisational phrasing along with her compassionate and grounded personality make her a favorite among students, fellow dancers and audience members! Rosie currently is the assistant director of Tribe Nawaar.


Steph Maes ~ Tribe Nawaar Dance Company Boulder, COStephanie Maes
Principal Troupe Member
December 2010- Current

Steph was fascinated by Belly Dance since she was 12 years old. She tried to teach herself, following VHS tapes (that used to be a thing) that her mom bought her. In college, Belly Dance was offered as a credit, so, she signed up immediately. The teacher would bring in videos every few weeks, showing the different styles of Belly Dance. One day she brought in Belly Dance Super Stars Tribal Fusion. As soon as Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, and Mardi Love came on, Steph knew exactly what style of dance she wanted to learn. She researched the biographies of the women who inspired her, and noticed that the all had a background in ATS®. She looked for the closest teacher and found Jennifer Secrist Goran who was offering classes in Golden at the time.

After building coordination, she took a 200 hour Yoga teacher training in 2011. She has since then taken a 200 hour Gymnastics Teacher Training, and is now certified in Barre and Indoor Cycle. Steph is now a 900 hour Licensed Massage Therapist. She is currently in school for a Year 2 Program to specialize in Medical Massage and the 10 Series of Structural Integration. She is also working on completing the 8 Elements with Rachel Brice and has completed the first two phases and will finish the last two in the very near future.

In the little free time Steph has, she enjoys taking dance classes, hitting the gym, hiking, getting outside when possible, traveling, and fighting zombies 😉


Lori Huml ~ Tribe Nawaar Dance Company Boulder, COLori Huml
Principal Troupe Member
August 2012- Current

Lori has always loved dance of many forms. Bellydance was always in the back of her mind as a dance she wanted to learn, but thought “I don’t know if I can, maybe someday”. In 2008 after beating cancer, she visited a friend in Utah. While there, they went to an outside fair where, she watched a group of beautiful women perform. It was love at first sight! Lori’s friend turned to her and said,”I could totally see you doing this”. It was this moment that cemented and changed her idea from” I don’t know if I can”, to, “I want and am going to do this”

Kristin Bruce ~ Tribe Nawaar Dance Company Boulder, COKristin Bruce
Principal Troupe Member
June 2012- Current

Back in 2008, Kristin’s roommate, Lena, decided she wanted to learn to belly dance. And Kristin, being a very good friend, went with her in a show of solidarity. After several classes of feeling like fools, they both decided they really liked it and should probably stick with it. Thus began her love of belly dance.

Kristin joined Tribe Nawaar in late 2012 to continue her practice and to try something new. She’s been dancing with the group ever since! She loves the dance form and often tells others that “these are my people.” She is so proud and honored to be part of Tribe Nawaar!

In addition to being a fabulous dancer, Kristin is also a talented photographer. She can be hired for individual and troupe/group portraits, weddings, professional events and more.

Mirav Levy ~ Tribe Nawaar Dance Company Boulder, COMirav Levy
Principal Troupe Member
January 2013- Current

Mirav’s middle name is Salome… for reals! We think she was born to be a belly dancer. Born in Miami from Cuban-Israeli descent she always admired Middle Eastern culture and wanted to keep a connection to it. She decided one night to be brave and try a belly dance class. The class proved life changing and now she is embarking a lifelong serious study of belly dance.

Belly dance helped her become more in tune with her body & serves as a way to balance out her spinal disorder. She hopes to share her personal experiences and knowledge with others who are also going through the same thing. Mirav has been dancing since 2010. Yet even at this early stage of her dance career, she has danced for 3 troupes, &  performed solos on stages and in restaurants. She joined Tribe Nawaar in 2013 as part of her pursuit to study tribal fusion. She feels that American Tribal Style® is the root and history of what has become American belly dance! Mirav hopes that one day she can take constant trips to the Middle East to learn more. When she is not obsessed with belly dance, she is playing video games, eating cupcakes and learning how to sew and how to speak Arabic and Hebrew.

Tribe Nawaar's Rebecca Buccholz 2017Rebecca Buchholz
Student Troupe
January 2013- Current

Rebecca is a Scientist with a side-passion in Dance – she has been sampling many styles since she was 6 years old including Hip-hop, Jazz, Swing, Salsa and Balinese Dance. During her PhD years, she discovered ATS® in Wollongong, Australia. Rebecca crossed the Pacific Ocean in 2014 to Boulder, Colorado, and quickly found Tribe Nawaar. Rebecca loves the way ATS® builds connection between dancers, during both learning and performing. The dance-form is a conversation between dancers on stage and is unique every time you perform. She is looking forward to learning all that ATS® has to offer.