We’ve been a trusted source for these traditional Kuchi earrings from the nomadic tribes of Afghanistan since 2001! Loved by professional tribal dancers, ethnic jewelry collectors and SCA enthusiasts, these are the real deal!

These gorgeous earrings feature the timeless characteristics and distinct look of traditional Kuchi tribal work; a mix of elements including cut glass, rhinestones, belled ball drops, and the occasional yarn pom or beadwork.

Slightly thicker wire with curved end works best with slightly larger piercings. Did we mention: these traditional tribal earrings are amazing paired with gauged eyelets!

The unique look of these pieces have made them long sought after pieces not only as earrings, but, also for other costume making and DIY applications.  Popular additional ideas for use on these earrings: pendant sets for completing tribal fusion headbands, center piece (s) for eclectic necklaces, adorning belly dance belts, pinned to ‘old school’ ATS® turbans & finishing touches on tribal style coin bras.

How will you use yours?