How To Shorten Sassy Pants

Easy As Pie, No-Sew Option :
Because this fabric is similar to a good quality heavy duty t-shirt fabric, you can actually cut these without having to do any sewing at all! Simply cut the pants to desired length (keep in mind that cotton lycra fabrics have a tendency to roll when cut, so, leave extra length for this rolling effect)… that’s it.. you’re done!

Tribe Nawaar's white sassy pants are made of premium quality cotton lycra and are perfect for all dance styles with their amazing 4 way stretch
White Sassy Pants

Mock Serged Edge Option:
If you’d prefer to have a sewn edge, here’s a great way to make a mock serged edge on these:
-Mark your fabric where you’ll want to put your ‘serged edge’ (keep in mind that cotton lycra fabrics have a tendency to roll when cut, so, leave extra length for this rolling effect)

-Set the machine to it’s zig zag stitch setting

-Set the stitch width to a little under an 1/8″ wide (on my machine that’s somewhere between the 1.5 and 2 setting.. you’ll have to experiment tofigure out what it is on yours). Don’t worry if yours isn’t exactly 1/8″. A little bigger or smaller is just fine.

-You’ll want a tight stitch, so, set the stitch length to the smallest amount you that can. If you make the length too short the fabric won’t move under the foot fast enough and you’ll get a balled up section of fabric on the underside. If the length is too long you’ll see wide gaps in the stitch and a stitch that looks like the letter Z. You want the sweet spot in between where the thread almost resembles a worm or caterpillar (You may want to practice on a scrap piece of similar fabric)

-Sewing: let the machine pull in the fabric thru on it’s own. Don’t pull or push the fabric! (Fun tip: if you stretch the fabric out while you do this type of stitch you’ll end up with a pretty rippled edge. You must stretch the fabric with consistent tension or the ripple effect will be uneven)

-Cut about 1/16″ below the stitched edge to remove the excess fabric

-Voilá.. you are done!


We cannot accept exchanges or returns on altered garments, so, proceed with shortening tips above only if you love and plan to keep your new Sassy Pants


I hope you find this information useful! Happy dancing!


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