Our hand selected mix of anklets was chosen for tribal bellydancers, but, with their gorgeous detailing and melodic sound that accents each step we find EVERYONE loves them!

From lightweight modern to comfortable cloth backed tribal anklets, our assortment usually includes a mix of colors and styles.  Have a specific color or style?  Email us and we can let you know what other options we may have to meet your exact needs.

Did you know:

These versatile jewelry pieces are great for many DIY costuming uses!  Use our wide band Gota anklets in conjunction with our DIY Tribal Coin Bra Kit to add the finishing touches the top bust line edge of your very own tribal coin bra masterpiece.  The thinner coin and bell styles are wonderful woven in among the coins on your coin bra creations, as well!

Many of our fabric backed Gota styles can quickly be modified to be worn as comfortable armbands.  For temporary changes, simply safety pin similar width elastic to allow them to be worn as armbands.  For a more permanent armband solution sew the elastic in place.

We’ve also seen our anklets turned into headbands, choker style necklaces and pinned to the front of belts when the length is just a little short of one’s hip width.

How many ways can you find to use these anklets?