Exchanges & Returns

Please let us know if an item does not meet your expectations. We want you to be happy with your order


All exchanges and returns should be made within 10 days

What Items May Be Exchanged Or Returned

Costuming, jewelry and accessories, may be exchanged or returned if items are unworn/unused with tags still attached. Henna products may be exchanged or returned if henna paste or powder is unopened and, if in kit form, in original packaging with all henna kit items included

DVDs and CDs are not returnable, but, may be exchanged if defective

Artwork may be exchanged or returned if in its original condition without any signs of handling. IE: no fingerprints, creases, tears, dings or crescents and flat (if it was originally shipped flat)

How To Make An Exchange Or Return

1. Contact Us
Please contact us by phone or email to let us know if the item you are sending to us is a return or an exchange. If it is an exchange, please let us know which item(s) you would like sent to you in its place. This lets us know to keep an eye out for a package from you and helps expedite your exchange as quickly as possible

2. Package & Ship Your Item
Use the same address listed on your shipping label as our return address for sending items to us. Please take the same care in packaging your item for shipping to us as we have in shipping it to you. Choose packaging materials that are still up to the rigors of modern day shipping and be sure to include your information inside the package along with any exchange/return information we will need. We recommend shipping all items back to us thru a carrier that offers tracking and insurance, as a precaution

3. Your Package Arrives Here
We will send you an email notice when your package arrives here. If the item is a return, we will issue your refund via PayPal at that time. If your item is being exchanged, and you’ve already let us know what item you would like instead, we will most likely already have packed your new item and will have it ready to ship out within 24hrs of receiving your package

4. Replacement Shipping Discount
We understand how hard it can be to buy items that require a specific fit without first having tried them on. That is why we offer a unique deal on exchanged item shipping. We will only charge you the actually shipping cost for your package… no handling costs apply for any exchanges. Once we have received your item for exchange, we will send you an invoice for the discounted shipping cost required to get your replacement item out to you. Once we receive payment on the shipping balance your brand new item will be on its way to you!

5. For Exchanged Items With A Different Cost
If the item you are exchanging originally cost more than the new replacement item you are requesting the balance can be applied toward any shipping balance you may have due. If there are still extra funds remaining after that we will happily issue you a refund thru PayPal. If the new replacement item costs more than the original item you paid for we will send you a PayPal money request for the balance due on the item and the replacement shipping at the same time