2017 ATS® Flash Mob – Boulder, CO Representing!

Every October ATS® dancers from around the world create flash mobs in their community. Songs are voted on throughout the year and the winning song is used to create spontaneous dances in public spaces on every continent of the globe.

Tribe Nawaar looks forward to this annual flash mob with great anticipation! This year we’ll be surprising hikers along one of our more popular trails right at the base of the Flatirons.  It should be be fun to see a bunch of belly dancers in hiking gear dancing up some ATS®!

Location & Time

Saturday October 14th, 12pm
Chautauqua Park: 900 Baseline Rd, Boulder, CO 80302

We’ll be flashing (or mobbing depending on your perspective) at noon on Saturday the 14th at the Chautauqua Trailhead, in the open space where the trail flattens out a bit and folks often stop to take pictures of the famous Flatirons (hint: this is an idea of what you can be doing to look inconspicuous.. or bring a map and pretend to study that if you want to hang out in that area before hand).

We’ll meet in the green grassy park area in front of the dining hall around 11:45 AM.

For more about the park: www.chautauqua.com
For more info about the great hiking trails there: bouldercolorado.gov

Parking is usually at a premium on the weekends. We recommend carpooling or taking the shuttle.


Weather in the Rockies:

The forecast for that day currently is for partly cloudy with a high of 58º fahrenheit. Fall weather in the Rocky Mountains can be unpredictable; it can be warm and sunny one day and then a full blizzard the next. Plan for layers whether you are a performer or a spectator. Should we need to change locations due to inclement weather we will make and announcement in the comments below and on our Facebook page.


Join us:

If you will be in the Boulder area and want to come out and watch the spectacle, please do!  Hope to see you there!

We’ll share a video link in the comments when it’s ready, for those of you who can’t make it in person this year…





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