Tribe Nawaar’s Ribbon Trim Skirts ~ Perfect For Skirt Dances!

 These fabulous tribal belly dancing Ribbon Trim Skirts are made of premium quality black cotton rayon.

The Ideal Dance Skirt For All Styles!

The perfect weight for use in performances with ATS® skirt work or for use with any choreographed skirt dance, be it tribal belly dance, ballet, flamenco or folkloric dances!


Tribe Nawaar's Crisp White Ribbon Trim Skirt Tribe Nawaar's Arctic Blue Ribbon Trim SkirtTribe Nawaar's Sunny Yellow Ribbon Trim SkirtTribe Nawaar's Clementine Ribbon Trim SkirtTribe Nawaar's Electric Cherry Ribbon Trim SkirtTribe Nawaar's Purple Grape Ribbon Trim Skirt

Responsive To Movement

They float up beautifully during quick turns and respond beautifully to flourishes.

Highlights Spins

The richly colored trim edges are absolutely hypnotizing during all types of spins. Bring out your inner (or outer) Whirling Dervish with these ideal spinning skirts!

Tribe Nawaar’s Ribbon Trim Skirts ~ Perfect For Skirt Work!

Sale ends June 7th!


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