All The Tribal Pretties

I couldn’t resist adding lots of new tribal belly dance costuming, jewelry and accessories to debut with the new website. You will also find a variety of discounts, sales and bargains hidden throughout the new site (including our popular 25 yard skirts & ribbon trim dance skirts and Kuchi pendants to give just a few hints)!


New Additions

A few of the highlights of some of the newly added gems in our tribal crown…


Authentic Tribal & Unique Modern Jewelry!

I’ve added quite a bit of gorgeous new modern and vintage tribal jewelry. Almost all of our traditional Kuchi earrings are newly added. Check out the new options in our popular faux gauged earrings and collector’s series earrings with all new photos. Check out lots of fresh stock of tribal and classic raqs sharqi belly dance anklets, plus, a gorgeous assortment of new necklaces and 3 categories of bracelets. I even have some new stock on the  harder to find Hazara head jewelry pieces! Take a stroll thru all the jewelry offerings and see if there is something I’ve forgotten.


Belly Dance Accessory Favorites!

You’ll love the new hand dyed fringe belts; Passion, Sky, Spring & Violet. These affordably priced fringe belts pair perfectly with the 25 Yard Dip Dyed Skirts of the same name! Also added are a few Royal Tassel Belts featuring rich jewel tones in the hand wrapped silk tassels. I also have added new Odissi Necklace & Belt Sets. Now you can get both great Odissi dance pieces for a special price!


DIY Components For Making Your Own Tribal Belly Dance Costuming, Jewelry & Accessories!

Now you’ll find all of our authentic tribal & costuming coins, that are ideal for all your creative needs, under our new menu section titled ‘DIY Supplies’.  This section will also contain all of our unique beads and costuming & jewelry embellishments (such as our Afghani buttons & domical studs). Our beaded flair medallions (aka gul) will also live under this new heading, as well.  I’ve expanded the options and created some bargain pricing on a new assortment of henna supplies for creating your own mehandi body art. Some of these henna options are being phased out so grab yours now before they are gone for good!


More Choli Top Sizes!

I’ve also added new XXL size options in our classic cotton lycra choli tops much loved by ATS® Bellydancers! You’ll find new xxl sizes choices should now exist for all of the 3/4 sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless basic choli tops.


Discounts, Sales & Replenished Stock!

Plus discounts, sales and replenished stock on some of our most popular tribal belly dance costuming, jewelry, accessories and more!


Be sure to cruise the new site and find all the buried treasures & deals!
Happy hunting,

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