Tribal Bellydance Classes, Boulder, CO ~ New Sessions Start Next Week

New Sessions Start Next Week on January 8th (Monday classes), January 9th (Tuesday classes) and January 11th (Thursday classes)

“I started taking classes at Tribe Nawaar a year and a half ago, having virtually no bellydance experience. I am still here and have moved up to doing level 2 as well and am just in love. 

It’s a hard style of dance to get into but Jennifer breaks it down fantastically for level one and is very patient with questions and the innate confusion of learning a new dance style. I am SUPER impressed by her concern with body health and protecting everyone’s back/knees/easily injured body parts. She always emphasizes health and posture over drastic styling and that makes me love the class even more. I am so glad I started taking classes with Tribe Nawaar and look forward to many more years dancing with this wonderful, supportive, positive group.”

~from a review by Laura G. on 12/19/17



Tribal Bellydance classes with Jennifer of Tribe Nawaar:
Good for the mind, body and soul! 

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