New Bellydance Belts ~ Plus Helpful Tips & Tricks Article

Just added: a great mix of new bellydance belts plus helpful tips & tricks from Tribe Nawaar. In our updated article you’ll learn how we deal with less than ideal belt lengths in our troupe.

Sample of some of the new beltsNew Bellydance Belts

Our newest assortment of jeweled belts has something for everyone.

This new mix includes everything from traditional Kuchi pendant belts for ATS® and tribal style dancers, to pretty sparkly gold and silver costume belts for timeless & classic ensembles all the way to our fun and unique Balachi belts that are great for festival wear and so much more!

Plus we’ve put our popular Odissi belts on sale for all our Odissi dance enthusiasts..

Check out all of our new jeweled belts

New & Updated “Bellydance Belts; Tips & Tricks” Article

Sample of a Kuchi necklace used to fill the gap on a Kuchi belt (from Tribe Nawaar)Have you ever struggled finding bellydance belts that have the ideal length?

Many traditional tribal & costume jewelry belts come in the 32-34″ range. For a few lucky dancers this is the perfect length, leaving just enough length for tying or clasping the hook closure. For many of us, however, this length doesn’t go all the way around and we are left with an unattractive gap at at the ends.

To remedy this we here at Tribe Nawaar have come up with a few tricks & tips to get the perfect look every time with every bellydance belt. We’ve organized these from the least expensive/least work on up to ways that require additional items and/or sewing.

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