Newest Tribe Nawaar Marketplace Additions

New Flute Sleeve Wrap Top Colors




Cotton Gauze Fabric Flows Beautifully!

The flow and movement of the sleeves is a great pairing with all of our skirts and pants! Check out some of my favorite ways to combine these tops for a variety of looks


Keeps You Cool & Protected From The Sun!

Light weight fabric breathes while helping provide some shoulder and arm protection from the sun. Open gussets under arms allow maximum amount of air flow when temperatures rise





New Beaded Flair Medallions

Many Uses!

Express yourself with these unique, fully hand beaded, textile accents. Originally created as accent pieces to adorn traditional Afghani dresses, these stunning works of art are perfect for many DIY clothing, costuming and memorable home decor projects.

Add spice to existing belts, tops, skirts and pants or use them to create amazing headbands, arm bands, bracelets, hair clips & pins for turbans.

These and more now available.. only 1 of each, so, don't delay