This Month's Featured Treasure:

Back To School!

Summer is time for exploration and play. Whether you are still in the throws of summer and are looking for some new stylizations or technique to add to your playtime or if you are shifting back to regular dance classes in the fall with a new performance season following, we think you'll enjoy these great instructional DVDs from some of our favorite dancers and people...

FCBD's: Instructional DVD:

Tribal Basics, Vol. 1; Fundamentals of Dance

Princess Farhana & DeVilla's DVD: Dramatic Make Up For Stage, Photos & Glamourous Occassions

Sharon Kihara's Instructional DVD: Tribal Fusion Bellydance; Technique & Conditioning

Paulette Rees-Denis' Instructional DVD: Tribal Techniques, Vol 8 Mesmerizing Slow Moves

Myra Krien's Instructional DVD:
Tribal-EX, Advanced

Colleena Shakti's Instructional DVD: Odissi Classical Indian Dance; Choka Stepping 1-10