This Month's Featured Treasure:

Nothing flows as beautifully as a 100% silk veil! Our silk veils are perfect for belly dance performances and a quick coverup between sets... did you know they also are wonderful as sarongs, shawls, scarves & wrap skirts? It's true! The breathable nature of silk means you'll not only be gorgeous wearing these, you'll also be very comfortable!

Our silk veils come in 7 decadantly rich solid colors and 2 scrumptious tie dyed options

Yellow Silk Veil

Yellow & Orange Silk Veil

Red Silk Veil

Aquamarine Silk Veil

Aquamarine & Emerald Silk Veil

Emerald Silk Veil

Fuchsia Silk Veil

Black Rectangular Silk Veil

Purple Silk Veil