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New Vintage Silk Salawar (aka: Pantaloons, Harem Pants)


Dark Red

Gorgeous One Of A Kind Pants Look Great Worn Alone Or Under Any Of Our Fabulous Skirts!


Essential clothing piece in many cultures, the Salawar in our dance form are traditionally layered under skirts and present a stunning color accent during turns & spins when the skirts float up and with such lovely detailing & colors, they're fabulous worn alone as well.. great for men, too!

Deep Green

Burnt Sienna



New Article: How To Shorten Salawar
3 methods for shortening our Salawar (great tips for shorten any of our skirts, as well!)
Choose the method that best matches your needs and sewing skills. Note: altered garments cannot be exchanged or returned, so, do only if you plan to keep them!

Method 1:
'I Don't Sew, I Do The Roll'

By far, the most simple method. Many dancers I know use this for quick length adjustments. Great for borrowed pants and skirts when you don't want to permanently alter the length. Also helpful for those who don't (or just don't want to) sew

Method 2:
'I Sew, But, Don't Have A Lot Of Time'

Quickest sewing method for busy dancers to more permanently shorten salawar or skirts!

Method 3:
'I am A Professional & I Want My Costuming To Reflect That'

When you have the time and the skills, this is the method for you!