We love these eco-chic, up-cycled vest style tops!  Our large indigo blue bodice is a newly constructed corseted bodice style top.  Assembled with indigo toned vintage hari tari fabric with gold embroidery.  Lined with new black cotton fabric on the inside.  It’s gold sequins sparkle on stage and under natural daylight!

When multiples are available slight variations in design may occur.

Size: XL
XL: fits busts approximately 41″- 44″ and can be adjusted smaller using our Overlap Lacing Technique (see Tip #1) or be adjusted to fit slightly larger if you leave a slight gap between grommeted sections

Tip #1: You can adjust any of our bodices to be up to 3″ smaller by using our Overlap Lacing Technique! ~Learn about overlap lacing~

Tip #2: Our indigo blue bodice can also be worn reversed to be an all black bodice! This gives you an entirely different look from just one costuming piece! ~See a sample of this vest worn reversed~


Tip #3: Included are all black ties which work great for almost all looks. We have found we can get a variety of looks by swapping out the black ties for other colors and styles of ribbons or ties. You can choose tie colors that match other elements in your costuming. For example, if you are wearing a white skirt, consider adding white satin ribbon as an accent!

Upcycled vintage sari fabric lined with new cotton fabric.

Additional information

Weight 0.4000000 lbs
Dimensions 9.0000000 x 0.0000000 x 2.0000000 in


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