These comfortable feather collars are great for dramatic tribal belly dance performances, including Raqs Gothique and so much more! Our turquoise blue wisp theatrical feather collar is amazing with cosplay, steampunk, fantasy and other creative costumes! And they are the absolute best wicked witch or evil queen feather collars you’ll find. Loved by drag queens and glamorous belly dance divas alike! Premium quality construction, too!


More about our Turquoise Blue Wisp Theatrical Feather Collar

We start with decadent black coque feathers, add richly colored turquoise blue ostrich feathers and a sturdy stretch fabric to create our decadent collars. All made right here in the Tribe Nawaar Studio! Pretty iridescent black on the tips of the feathers are dramatic on stage or off! The feathers are so soft and the base fabric is so comfortable you might forget you are wearing this amazing feather collar!

Our premium feather collars can be worn in a variety of different ways with different costuming pieces to have a variety of moods and attitudes. These are our 2 favorite ways of using them in performances:

1) Feathers worn up and open with coin bra, flared leg or sassy pants and rosehips skirt. This look is more modern and edgy.

2) Feathers worn up and closed with our hari tari vests (these vest are also great worn reversed for an all black look), two 25 yard cupcake skirts tucked into a bustle, long gloves and a top hat. Perfect for a Gothic, Victorian, Steampunk or retro style.

But that’s not all: We have also seen some really creative looks using the feather collars as a bust cover, hip accent and head adornment… with these long stretchy ties the possibilities are vast.

Hand made right here in the Tribe Nawaar Studio! Feather length may vary.

All new materials.

Additional information

Weight 0.1880000 lbs
Dimensions 9.0000000 x 0.0000000 x 2.2500000 in


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