Expand and deepen your tribal bellydance knowledge with the Tribal EX series from Myra Krien of Pomegranate Studio! Known for her elegant presence & stylistic versatility, these DVDs provide a large variety of new movements that fit seamlessly into any Improv Tribal Bellydance or Tribal Fusion Troupe’s repertoire.

Movements & steps covered in Tribal EX DVD collection include:
-10 different Level 1 Slow Movements and Variations
-10 different Level 2 Slow Movements and Variations
-24 different Level 1 Fast Movements and Variations
-18 different Level 2 Fast Movements and Variations

In addition to new movements and variations you’ll also learn about:
-Posture and Anatomy
-Supporting Exercises
-6 Essential Rhythms and 2 Finger Cymbal (Zil) Patterns

When you purchase the the full Tribal EX set you’ll also get Myra Krien’s Tribal Fusion DVD featuring 7 tribal fusion combinations, one bonus performance CD from Pomegranate Studio and a brochure, detailing their course offering, SEEDs program and more… absolutely FREE!

All DVDs come shrink wrapped in the original cases to ensure their authenticity.

All new materials.

Additional information

Weight 0.875 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 6 x 3 in


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