Our Sky economy tribal fringed belt is perfect for accenting a belly dancer’s hip movements! The long fringe sways & flows with slow movements and bounces & pops with fast shimmies! During turns the fringe floats out and exaggerates the largeness of a dancer’s spins. Layers beautifully with many of our costuming pieces and adds color to any tribal belly dance ensemble!

More about our Sky Economy Tribal Fringed Belt

Dip dyed fringe in black, aquamarine and royal blue hang down from a black waistband. Approximately 30″ long from top of waistband to bottom edge of fringe. Fringe can be trimmed shorter, if needed.

Trouser clasp closures have 2 size adjustments. Unique elasticized waistband comfortably fits many sizes and can be interlinked to a second fringed belt if extra length is needed. Waistband fits 24″ – 40″ (could possibly go another 2″ larger or so, but, would be tight). By interlinking two belts together the waistband could fit 48″ – 80″ (2 belts would need to be purchased to create this extra long option).

All new materials.

Additional information

Weight 1.0000000 lbs
Dimensions 9.0000000 x 0.0000000 x 3.0000000 in


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