This lapis dots spiked tribal bracelet is stunning!  Its hollow core makes this bracelet ideal for dancers.  It is much lighter and more comfortable to wear than similar jewelry pieces with a heavier design!

Approximately 1 1/2″ from inner edge of bracelet to spiked tip.  Overall width is about 5″ from tip to tip of lower spikes.  The narrow side of the wrist slides thru a 1 1/2″ access gap then can be twisted to sit at a comfortable place along the arm.  Inner horizontal measurement is about 2 1/4″.  Ground lapis buffed into a warm silver setting.

Pairs beautifully with our one-of-a-kind traditional and Kuchi belts, pendants, anklets, earrings, head pieces, and necklaces.

All new materials with a nice wash to add an aged look.

When multiples are available very slight variations may occur.

Did you know?
Lapis Lazuli has been mined in Afghanistan since the Neolithic Age.  Lapis has been a treasured stone throughout the world and with many cultures.  It has adorned such famous ancient pieces as the funeral mask of Tutankhamun and relief carving at Karnak.  Lapis has been ground and processed to make gorgeous pigments for painting that have enriched many famous paintings and frescoes throughout the Renaissance era.  One of Tribe Nawaar’s favorite bits of trivia, however, is that Cleopatra used powdered lapis as eye shadow!

Additional information

Weight 0.1880000 lbs
Dimensions 5.0000000 x 0.0000000 x 1.2500000 in


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