Our blue, brown & burgundy embellished bandhini wrap is amazing as a tribal style belly accessory! With the traditional bandhini style they look decidedly tribal while the mirrors sparkle and shine under stage and natural light. For performances they are great as shawls, cover ups for costumes, panel skirts and used wrapped in turbans!

As regular street wear, they make fabulous scarves, sarongs & wraps over swimwear.  And when you aren’t wearing them you can decorate your home or studio with them. Pin them to the walls, use them as table cloths, hang them in doorways or use them as accent spreads along beds or sofas.


More About Our Blue, Brown & Burgundy Embellished Bandhini Wrap

Decadent cotton gauze fabric is hand dyed in a light blue, warm brown and dark burgundy tones. Each wrap is hand tie dyed in the traditional Bandhini style from the Rajasthan and Gujarat areas of India. As these are individually hand dyed and not printed designs. The patterns & color placement may vary a little from piece to piece. Embellished with shisha mirrors rimmed in multicolored embroidery (in varying condition). These gorgeous wraps reflect both stage and natural light beautifully and hypnotize the audience!

Approximately 40″ x 80″ with a soft and delicate texture.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 6 x 3 in


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