Tribe Nawaar's DIY Henna Supplies (aka Mehandi or Mehndi Supplies)
Create lovely henna art with our DIY supplies!

Our herbal Henna (aka Mehandi or Mehndi) supplies allow you to create this ancient art form on yourself, friends, family and fellow dancers! Perfect for all types of celebrations, including weddings, birthdays, haflas, and much more!

New to the henna art form?
These temporary tattoos have been adorning bodies in North Africa, the Middle East & South Asia for over five thousand years. These traditional formulas use the dried and powdered leaves of the desert shrub, Mehandi, and essential oils to color the skin. Temporary in nature, they last anywhere from about 1-4 weeks. Works on all skin tones. Intensity of color will vary based on how long the henna is left to cure, skin thickness and skin type.

Today, henna is used on every continent and continues to be a stunning way to express one’s self and celebrate important life events!